My Daily Makeup.


Hello again! For my second blog post I thought I would tell you all about my daily makeup!  I have recently started wearing makeup almost every single day (not a lot of makeup) just because i feel my skin is not looking it very best at the moment (dark circles and what not)
Anyway here is my daily makeup.

As you can see my daily makeup is very minimal as I don't like have lots of makeup on on a day-to-day basis. Feeling like I have a lot of makeup on makes me feel horrible and cakey. So i only wear foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow and mascara.

I start of with my foundation, i use the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation in 100 ivory which is the best foundation I have ever used! This foundation gives great coverage and it is just a great all round! You don't even need a lot of it either. Matching the foundation i have the Wake Me Up concealer, i have used this concealer for as long as i can remember! i absolutely love it, it give great coverage and it stays on all day! Finishing off for my skin is the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel London, this is the best pressed powder i have ever used! It is very, very good quality and it's not that expensive either! I highly advise you to get it! ( as you can see i love rimmel london)

Next on to my eyes and brows! For my eyes i either do nothing or i use my MUA palette. I normally use shade 1 or a mix of shade 2 and shade 9 to make my eyes a little bit more fancy. I do not have a brow pencil or powder so i just use shade 5 for my brows and i use the angled brush for that. I do not always fill in my eye brows but I sometimes like them to be a bit more prominent.

Finally these are my brushes. (From left to right) large powder face brush from an Argos set, the middle two are both from Avon, the first is my foundation brush and the second is my wide eye shadow brush. My last two brushes i use for my brows, an eyelash brush and an angled brow brush, again from my Argos set. 

I hope you enjoyed my Daily Makeup blog post.

K x

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