New makeup favourites review


Hello again! I haven't really had a big makeup shop in a long time but there have been little bits and bobs that I have picked up recently. Here are the ones that I love!

Firstly we have the Dream Matte Mousse™ By Maybelline New York in 030 sand. Now this product Is actually an old favourite but I recently repurchased it just because it is a great foundation! It gives a flawless matte look that lasts! As great a foundation as it is, you really have to have skin that isn't dry. The foundation sticks to the dry spots and can sometimes stand out quite a lot. But as long as you have well moisturised skin before you apply it then it is great! 

Next we have the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I absolutely love this brush! I use it for foundation and concealer, it applys the makeup really well. The brush is very soft which makes the whole brush better because nothing is worse than a hard bristled brush! I have heard very good words about the other brushes in the collection as well! I say they are a must have! 

Next is a nail varnish by Topshop. It is just a plain black, I love this nail varnish because once you have applied two coats of it to your nails it firstly looks fabulous and secondly lasts for a really long time! This was the first black nail varnish I got just because I wasn't too sure if I would actually wear it at all, it is quite bold I think. But I have worn it so often, and I do not regret buying it! 

Now finally onto my last favourite new product is a mascara by Company. I actually got this in there lastest issued magazine. I tried it a few days ago and I fell in love! It makes my lashes look so good! They are long, without clumps and they look really rather natural which I think I the best part! It also is so light and feels like you're not actually wearing any mascara at all! I highly recomend this mascara to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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