Spring Lips and Nails


Hello again! Recently I have been looking through my nail varnish and lip collections and i was thinking about different colours and shades for spring time. So after lots of raking around here are my Spring Lip and Nail choices.

Firstly we have my Barry M nail varnishes in mint green, blue, lilac and pink. I think these colors are so pretty for spring time and I have worn them all so much already. Barry M is one of my top five nail varnish brands and the quality of them, regardless if it is gelly or normal, always amazes me. Secondly we have my only Avon spring nail varnish in yellow, I love this colour because it isn't a really bright yellow but a pastel yellow. Although you have to layer it on a bit, once applied it looks great! Next we have my favorites, Topshop nail varnishes in a minty green and a sparkling lilac, these two colours are so pretty, both you have to layer up but they have a great finish. Next I have a really pretty baby pink colour from 17, this nail varnish is so cute and looks great when on my nails, I actually need to purchase another bottle of this because I have used it so much! Finally I have one of my favorite colours, It is a lovely tangerine color from Rimmel London. I love this nail varnish, it is great quality and last ages! As with the 17 nail varnish I need to repurchase this one again because i am running low on it.

That concludes my nail varnish collection, now on to the lips!

Here are all my Spring Lip Choices

So firstly we have my Baby Lips in Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and finally Mint Fresh. I have more baby lips but these are the ones I like most. The Cherry Me is a really nice deep pinky/red that looks lovely on lips if you want a little bit of colour, I do find that you can't really build it up which is a down side but it is so handy just to put on and go, no fuss. Secondly we have Peach Kiss, this is a really nice peachy nude colour and it just adds a little bit of colour but keeps your lips really natural. Finally we have Mint Fresh, I like this because it just gives a little bit of shine and makes your lips feel great! 

Now onto lipsticks I only have two that I will be wearing because these are my only two spring colours, the rest are rather dark. So firstly we have my Avon lipstick which I absolutely love because it has a layer of clear lipstick around the colour. I don't actually know the name of this but it is always in the Avon book! Secondly we have a lipstick which I think is from colour S (I don't know if that is the brand name or not sorry) in Orchid, it is a beautiful matte coral colour, it lasts ages and it is a great lipstick! 

This is my next lip product by Model Co, I actually got it in a magazine the other day it is a really pretty nude colour and I am not that into lip liners but this one I love and I think it will be perfect to wear in spring. 

And last but not least here are my two favorites! First is the Rimmel London lip lacquer in Luna, I bought this in January and I love it! It last absolutely ages and looks great when it is on! Big love for this product! And the next is my collection2000 lock and hold lipgloss in Break dance! This is a very similar color to the coral lipstick ( I use them together to make the lipstick have a glossy finish ) and it is such a pretty colour, you have to re-apply it quite a lot but it looks great when it is on.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

K x

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