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So finally after having this blog for nearly two months I decided it was about time I wrote a post about clothing and fashion. I have recently spent a couple of days in Inverness as my family own a flat up there. So myself and my parents got packed and travelled up last Saturday night. We go up to Inverness quite a lot now that we have the flat and every time we go up I normally just shop for the whole time, but this time I was on a limited budget of £30 (as that was all that I actually had). I believe that my money was well spent. As I said I was on a limited budget so I only bought a few items over the four days. So let us begin!

Firstly I went into Topshop (first shop I go into every single time I am in Inverness). I tried on quite a few items but I did not love anything apart from one top that was in the sale for £15. I tried it on and fell in love! But I decided against it because it meant I would only have £15 left for the other days. But I thought that the top would look great with a pair of skinny black jeans, or any jeans really, and a pair of chunky boots. Also depending on what size you got it could also be worn a tshirt dress. 

Also whilst I was in Topshop I bought some underwear. I always find that Topshop does the prettiest and most comfortable underwear around when it comes to pants. Most of the pants in Topshop are great because of you wear them with leggings, tight jeans, skirts or dresses etc. you can never see pant lines! So it's bonus, you get cute, comfortable pants that are a great price at "3 for £10" or around £4 each I believe. 

Next I went into H&M and I wasn't looking for anything but I found this grey ballerina style top that had "l'amôur" printed on it. It also has a low back which I think makes the top even better! I fell in love as soon as I saw it! I think paired with a skater skirt or jeans it would look super cute. This top was £12.99

While I was in H&M I also spotted a pair of sunglasses. I have seen this style floating around Instagram and tumblr recently and I thought it was about time I got a pair myself! They are just black round lenses with a black frame. I think they look super cute and will go with everything and I am pretty sure I will wear them to death in summer. These sun glasses were a very reasonable price of £3.99. 

That concludes my fashion buys from Inverness. Like I said I did not buy much but I am very, very happy with what I did buy. I hope you enjoyed this fashion post and hopefully I will have other fashion blog posts soon! 

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