Updated: My Everyday Makeup Routine


I recently changed up what makeup I have been using so I thought I would log it on here. It is still quite a simple look and it doesn't take me any length of time to apply but I still believe that it looks great!


I tend to opt for BB cream apposed to foundation as I find that I can work with BB cream better and I feel it suits my skin more. I use the Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light. This BB cream has 8 different benefits for the skin; 1. Creates a natural glow 2. Compliments skin tone 3. SPF30 UV protection 4. Hydrates all day 5.Blurs Imperfections 6. Oil free, Non greasy 7. Looks visibly smooth 8. Feels fresh. Now these are pretty big claims but I can vouch for all of these benefits. For application, I use a mix of my Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, both of these tools I find are excellent for the BB creams, concealers and foundations, they give a really smooth natural finish to my skin. With both tools I apply some on the product on to my T-zone and cheeks then, starting from my chin, I blend out the product using downward strokes to give a more even coverage.

If my skin is a little oily then I use a powder, however because I have combination oily skin, I do not use it all the time as my skin does not always need it. I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder ( what a mouth full! ) as I find this works well with my skin. I apply the powder with a large powder brush to my T-Zone where my skin is the most oily.

The next product I use is the Bronzing Power by H&M, and this is honestly the best bronzer I have used! It was also a bargain as it was only £2.99 or so. It is highly pigmented and really quite matte, although there is a hint of shine in it, which make it such an amazing product. I apply this just under my cheek bones with a small powder brush until I think the line is strong enough. I then use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to blend the line out so that it looks more natural.

Eyes & Brows;

For my eyebrows I use the Barry M brow kit and I absolutely love it! I bought it around two months ago and I now swear by it! In the palette it has a wax to hold your brows in place, a semi-dark powder to fill in the brows and a light cream powder to highlight the brow bone. For application, I use a long angled eye shadow brush which I find works better for me than the double ended brush which is provided in the kit. This product was around £5 which I think is a great price for a great product! It is also every compact and does not take up any amount of space in your makeup bag.

I am currently using this MUA Eyeshadow, which was excellent value for money at only £4!! The shadows are highly pigmented, which is something I always look for in an eye shadow. I adore this product as it has so many beautiful shades in it and you can create so many different looks. The shades range from shiny and matte, which I love! Every time I use this product I normally mix up which shadows I use, but for day to day looks I start off with the first creamy shade, which is more matte than the other light shade, all over my lid and then focus it in the corner to lighten up my eyes. I then go in with the light silvery shade on the middle of my eyes, using my Eco Tools concealer brush, (which is perfect for blending) and blend it out more to the corner. Next I take the darker silver and focus that on the outer part of my lid. For my crease I take the matte taupe shade to darken the look slightly. Finally I take the darkest brown and line my eyes with my topshop liner brush to finish off the eye look.

The mascara I use is the Clinique high impact mascara which I can honestly say is the best mascara I have ever used! It coats every lash separately and makes them look naturally long. You can build it up and create bold looks with this mascara which I really love! It is around £20 I believe but I think that it is 100% worth the money!!

This is the final look! It is a very casual look and can easily be worn on a day to day basis. Like I said before it is such an easy, simple look to create and takes no time at all.

I do hope you enjoyed this post and if you want anymore posts like this, please just let me know!

K x

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