Hats! Hats! Hats!


I am a huge fan of wearing hats and head bands in the colder months of the year so I thought it would only be appropriate to share my love of them.

The first item of head wear is this beanie from Get Wet ( Which has now been transformed into SALT ) This beanie is black and has 'STAY MOIST' on the front of it. It is really cozy and keeps my head really warm, the beanie also works well with such a variety of styles and outfits. It will be one of my must haves this fall/winter.

Next is a bobble beanie from the same company, Get Wet. The hat is around about the same as the last one apart from this one has "SOAK AND DESTROY" on the front and has a grey and black Pom Pom. I love this hat and again I believe it can be used in so many different outfits and will work every time! There is also a little story that goes along with this hat. A few weeks ago I was in London with my boyfriend, who wore this hat the entire time we were there. On the last day, after just being on a bus he realized that he didn't have the hat

From Accessorize 
Last but by no means least, I bought this beauty about a week ago and all I can say is that I absolutely ADORE it!! It is this Black Faux Fur Bando from Accessorize and at the reasonable price of only £15 + Student discount I believe it was an absolute steal! It is a really nice snug fit so it doesn't move around when I am wearing it, which is such a bonus I find with bandos. I cannot wait to wear it more in the upcoming months as it keeps my head and ears really cozy. I believe that this is a lot more dressy than the two beanies and that when paired with a warm cozy jacket and some Chelsea or ankle boots it can look gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed this post  and do let me know if there are any posts that you would like me to make by commenting. Also keep an eye out for some more fashion posts coming this weekend!

K x 

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