Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow - Flawless


Recently I have been trying out lots of different eye shadow brands to find the perfect shadow palette. Last week while I was shopping in Aberdeen I popped into Superdrug and discovered a brand that I had never heard of before, Revolution. The brand has a huge variety of fantastic palettes, the palette I bought was called Flawless.

The palette has really lovely selection of 36 shades from natural matte to shimmery. The shades are highly pigmented and blend really easily so create flawless looks. Even though I tend to stick to the more natural shades I have tested out and loved more of the glittery shades and created some gorgeous eye looks!

Because the palette has so many different shades any one could get on swimmingly with it! I have found that the shades go hand in hand with the time of year just now, they are all quite neautral and they are not in your face at all, but you can create really bold looks that are still quite subtle.

Overall this product is amazing! It is also great value for money at only £8 (!!!) I recommend this palette to everyone! If you are really into wearing eyeshadow then you should definitely buy this or one of the many other palettes from this brand! 

I really hope you liked this little review. I have two makeup looks that are coming up that will involve this palette so keep an eye out! 


K x


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  1. Hey great review! Will have to get this for myself!