Winter Days


Recently I have been loving Polyvore, I am able to collage my fashion and beauty favorites together to create different outfits and looks. Today I put a few of my top winter favorites together to share them with you.

First of all we have shoes. Ankle boots, for me are a must have for winter, they can be worn all day as they are casual but paired with the right outfit can be dressy. High tops have been a thing that I have always loved, they are so comfortable and again can be worn all day. I also spotted these little moccasins, I used to call them slipper shoes. I have seen these in quite a lot of shops over the past few months. They are so adorable and look so warm and comfortable! Even if they do look like slippers I am seriously in need of a pair. As I am one who does not want to spend huge amounts of money of shoes I always take to the high street. 

Next I believe that long, over sized coats are needed in my wardrobe this year. I have seen so many lovely, great quality ones recently, high end and high street. ASOS have a lot of great winter wear so I may need to make a few purchases there over the next little while. 

Over the past month or so I have seen so many girls around my area wearing scarves that are reversible, one side will be black and white and the other will normally have a plaid or tartan pattern which will be in colour. I love these scarves and I have manly seen these in high street shops such as primark, Zara and others. I love the over sized versions of them as they are so thick and cozy! That alone makes these scarves a must have.

Next onto accessories, I borrowed a pair of my mums leather gloves a few days ago and I must say I have fallen completely in love with them. They keep my hands so warm and they just look great! I will definitely have to buy a pair for myself. I find that the gloves finish an outfit as they just add to the overall look. 

Finally onto beauty. This year I have been loving the natural look. So nude lipsticks and natural shadows are what you will be seeing me wear.  Don't get me wrong I love the dark berry lipsticks but, recently I haven't been to fussed about wearing them. I have been trying out different looks with purely eye shadows, I just mess around with what brushes I use. I find that each time I apply eye makeup it always looks different because I used a variety of brushes and shadows. I have been browsing the makeup counters in search for a nude lipstick. So far I have opted for nude mauve colours. I love this colour as it just gives your lips a hint of colour. But I think a trip into MAC to get the Velvet Teddy lipstick is in order. Even though I am going for a natural look this winter I have been very into big lashes. I have tried out several volume mascaras and I must say I now have favorites.

If you would like to see more from my Polyvore you can follow me here and if you would like me to write any more blog posts like this then just drop me a comment.


K x 

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