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I am a huge fan of independent stores so when I opened up three little Christmas presents from my boyfriend I was very happy to see that they were all necklaces from Velvet Rose, a store that sell great quality jewellery and accessories for really great prices.

The first necklace is a blue quartz string choker with a reddish stone on the front of it. I love wearing draw string chokers so I straight away fell in love with this necklace. I have worn it a number of times already. It fits perfectly on me when completely tightened which just adds to my love of it. You can buy this necklace for £5,50 and for a great quality necklace it is a very reasonable price.

The next is another draw string choker but this one had a Celtic knot on it. This choker is adorable and love it because I actually had one that was quite similar to this but I lost it so it was great getting a replacement. The necklace is £3.50 which again is a really great price.

The final necklace a received was a dainty silver hamsa hand with a small clear crystal in the middle of it. I love wearing small, delicate necklaces and I also love hamsa hand jewellery so I was very happy to see that I had received this,

Overall the necklaces are all fantastic, the quality of them is great and they are all really up my street style wise. The necklaces were all really affordable which makes me just love Velvet Rose more. I have in fact already ordered another necklace from them because I loved these one so much!

I hope you liked this blog post, if you would like to check out any of these necklaces then click here.


Katherine x 

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