Winter Morning Routine


Hello there! Today's post will be my winter morning routine.

I wake up between 8 and 9am and I usually, unless I have somewhere to be I laze around on my iPod and laptop for a while. Once I've finished being lazy I get up and head downstairs to make myself breakfast. When it gets to this time of year I always have porridge for breakfast and sometimes I like to add a tiny bit of cinnamon into the mixture to make it more Christmassy and because it tastes amazing! After breakfast I head back up to my bed room and normally just laze around a bit more. After letting my food go down I occasionally work out for 20 minutes to half an hour, not anything to strenuous just swats, sit ups and burpees. 

After I have exercised I go for a shower and wash my hair, I then follow up with my face washes and scrubs. I have been trying to keep my skin healthy as my schools Christmas dance is coming up in two weeks. When I'm finished in the bathroom I apply protective products to my hair and then dry and style it to what I am feeling like that day. I don't often wear makeup if I am not going anywhere but if I am I apply my make now. I then will pick out an outfit, recently I have been loving wearing comfy trousers and either a jumper or a slouchy top.

If I don't have any plans for the day I will either clean my room, finish off homework or just have a lazy day. The last part of my morning routine is opening my advent calendar, as I generally forget about it until this moment!

And that is the end of my winter morning routine. I hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry it was so short. Let me know if there are any specific things you would like me to write about! 


K x

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