Faux Fur Friends


These little balls of fur have been appearing on key rings and handbags of celebrities over the past year or so and I have been extremely jealous of them. They are just adorable and they suit such a variety of styles. As you can see on the left, Kylie Jenner has an edgy, rocker kind of look while Louise Thomson has a more girly chic style. Yet even with such different styles the fur charms go perfectly with there outfits.

I did a bit of research on the charms and the brand that Kylie buys hers from go for around £500+ so they are not exactly cheap. However as I was window shopping on the River Island website I discovered to my delight that they actually sell faux fur pom pom key rings. When I last checked there were quite a few colours, but looking at the website now there are only three. I jumped at the chance to buy the key ring and bought a light blue one, it was also an absolute bargain at only £4, saving a grand total of £496. I also looked at a few other websites and you can get larger ones from around £3 up to £20 so again, complete bargains! I use mine on my keys purely because the colours of my hand bags clash with the the light blue.

This is definitely a style that I want to stick around for a while because I want to buy more of these wonderful little things. I can see myself having a collection of them in the near future. Plus at the prices they are at they are a complete style steal.

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Katherine x 

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