New Years Resolutions


Since we are now in 2015 I wanted to share my resolutions the up coming year.

• Be more active

I try to do the odd sit up or swat here and there but I want to start doing more exercise either daily or every other day. 

• Do morning yoga

I find that yoga helps me get energised, especially when I do it first thing in the morning. I also love doing stretching so yoga is a definite must this year.

• Have a balanced diet

Recently my diet has been atrocious and it has made me feel quite mopey so I need to start cutting out the cookies and huge amounts of cereal.

• Post more on my blog

I want to start posting material on my blog more and have more of a structure to when I post.

• Post more fashion related material on my blog

Since I want my blog to be fashion related I need to start posting more fashion posts.

• Keep skin healthy

I try to do this normally but I want to make sure that my skin stay healthy and clear of blemishes the whole time, it will be hard but I think with a healthy diet it will be a little easier.

I hope you had a great night celebrating the new year and that you have a great 2015!


K x

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