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While rummaging through my shelves I discovered to my delight that I still owned two of Lauren Conrad's books: Style & Beauty. The books give tips and tricks to perfect your makeup look or outfit for the day. I forgot how much I loved the Beauty book, it has now become a Holy Grail of mine!

Beauty by Lauren Conrad

The Beauty book is honestly a life saver! I have found it so useful for everyday makeup looks and how to get the perfect curls. I normally have this book sitting open on my desk when I am doing my makeup. I love just flicking through the book even if I am not specifically looking for anything. It has come in so handy recently, it is really quite nice looking at a book for my do's and don'ts rather than turning to a screen. As much as I love the internet, I must admit I do like having a break from it from time to time.

Style by Lauren Conrad

The Style book is something that I haven't looked at as much but I am trying to use it more as it does hold some great advice. Even though the outfits may be slightly outdated I still feel as though the book has a lot to offer and it is definitely worth a buy. The book gives tips for hair and makeup as well as clothes and accessories, so if you didn't want to buy both books then I would recommend this one. Style gives you ideas on work, school, travel and events outfits so it really just is a handbag essential, I have already planned ahead when I am going to use this book.

So in short, Style and Beauty are honestly completely worth the money. You can get them for under ten pounds which is a steal! I am so happy that I found these books again as they really are such useful items! 


K x

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