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Over the past month I have been going into my wardrobe and I haven't been very inspired by it. I have been clearing out a lot of my clothes, that I don't wear, over the past little while and giving them to charity. This year I want to switch up my style a bit, so gone are the days where I wear only a hoodie and jeans! I also just want to put more effort into the outfits that I wear.

I have been loving the Jenner sisters style recently. Their outfits are usually very easy to put together and always look flawless no matter what it is that they are wearing. The whole Kardashian and Jenner clan wear midi skirts and I personally ADORE this style! I feel that you can wear midi skirts with near enough anything and they always look great. I already have two midi skirts but I will definitely be adding a collection of them to my wardrobe. 

As I said I want to put more effort into my outfits, currently it just seems to be that a go to my wardrobe and just chuck on whatever is closest to hand. Now I don't mean I want to spend hours making a the simple decision of what to wear, that is definitely NOT how I want to spend my mornings. I just mean that I want to pair outfits properly, so finding an outfit that matches from head to toe. I have been doing this recently and it has made me a lot happier with my outfits.

I have been loving the slouchy style trend recently. I always tend to opt for clothing that is more comfortable so adapting my wardrobe to this trend shouldn't be to hard. However this year I want to be more stylish with the clothes that I wear so this style is a happy medium. I am in definite need of purchasing some jeans that don't grip my skin and some slouchy jumpers and t's. I am also in need to purchase trousers. In my wardrobe I have one single pair of trousers, that are too tight and just don't sit properly on me. The slouchy look, I believe, can be worn on so many different occasions and that is why I want it to become part of my style in 2015.

I just want to feel good in what I wear. I don't want to put on an outfit and then feel down when I see what other people are wearing. I want to go out and feel confident, be it lunch out, being with my friends or even being at school. I really just want to wear what makes me feel 100% happy, and be pleased with the outfit that I have put together. 

As always, thank you so much for reading, comment if there are any specific posts you would like me to make and follow me to keep up to date with my blog!


Katherine x  

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