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As you may have noticed I haven't written a blog post in around three months, I cannot apologise enough! I have had a tad of bloggers block, every time I start to write something I just lose enthusiasm and my want to finish the post just disappears. I have been searching for new inspirations to help me out with my blog but to be honest I still haven't 100% found them yet. There are so many people, places and styles that inspire me and I am just trying to filter it all down into my blog and make it more genuine and true. I want to try and make my blog the best it can be, not only in hopes to inspire others but to make myself pleased with the content I have produced. While I love writing about beauty, I want to concentrate more on fashion and styling but I have found this really hard because I don't feel as though I have a style, one that I'm not happy with to say the least.

For a while now, a long time in fact, I have not been fully happy with my style. I know what I want to wear and I know how to style things together. However the style I want to have and my wardrobe do not see eye to eye. I don't know how to explain it, I mean I buy new clothes, ones that I can style very easily without hassle but within a week of purchasing them I realize that I have over worn them and I just lose interest to try and restyle them into new outfits. I feel that in my wardrobe I have many different styles of clothing and definitely a lot of it but since I became a teen I knew that none of my clothes really went together. I don't have many multi use pieces and that is something that I want to change. Through searching instagram for inspiration I came across the account of Shannen Jai. Her style is very sleek and neutral, it exactly the style I would love to have. However, I cannot stress enough that I want my style to be completely my own, while still taking inspiration from others, I want to find my own individual style.

Instagram: shannenjai
Becoming a full time blogger is a huge goal of mine and it is very much something that I want to achieve. So I want to get inspired and start putting my all into making my blog successful. I am going to try and get into more of a routine on my blog of when I post new content. In the upcoming weeks I have a few outfit posts that I will be uploading, I will also be going to Paris in a month where I will be taking many outfit photos.

With all that said I look forward to writing new content in the future for my blog and of course you.

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