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I have been given the opportunity to share some vouchers with you all. Luxemme are giving away £15 vouchers this Christmas. All you have to do is follow them on social media and then follow this link to order your free vouchers, which will then be posted out to you for no charge, simple! The vouchers are customisable so they can make really lovely presents, or secret santa gifts. Throughout the UK there people who are less fortunate than most and who struggle to give away as many gifts as they’d like to. So I thought I would help share the love and pass on this amazing offer to you all. More than anything you could put a few extra smiles on a few extra faces this Christmas, and in helping us to share them you’d be spreading your own but of Christmas cheer.

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Instagram - @luxemmeuk 

One of my personal favourites from Luxemme, which I will be stocking up on this Christmas time are their Swing dresses! They have a really gorgeous range with a number of colours, prints and styles, and there’s just something about the designs which make them truly classic pieces which you’ll have in your wardrobe for years. You can never go wrong with a swing dress!

To shop Swing dresses follow this link:

Enjoy the Vouchers and Merry Christmas x 

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