24 Things I'm Grateful For


Over that past few days I have been reflecting on my life, the negatives and the positives because I want to have a cleanse of things. I do not enjoy, and I'm sure no one does, having anxiety. I put myself in a box and I always manage to make myself feel worse so to perk myself up I have started making lists of things that make me happy and things I am grateful for and today I wanted to share 24 of those things.

  1. A beautiful, spacious apartment.
  2. A school education 
  3. A college education with the opportunity of Uni
  4. The amazing gals I have met through college
  5. An amazing family
  6. Caring Grandparents
  7. My job
  8. My friends
  9. A wardrobe full of clothes 
  10. A full fridge 
  11. My health
  12. Car journeys with good music and good friends
  13. My blog and the opportunities and people that come with it
  14. Lazy pajama days
  15. After college walks to the beach
  16. Access to the Internet
  17. Owning a phone and other electrical devices
  18. A costa 10 minutes from my bed, I'm sorry, I'm addicted!!
  19. Having access to music
  20. A bed to sleep in
  21. A home in the country
  22. Living in the beautiful country that is scotland, even with the terrible weather
  23. Being able to travel, even if it is just around scotland
  24. My family's second home in inverness

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