Top Ten Road Trip Songs + Travel Tips


We all have a playlist that gets blasted out when driving with friends or even when you are by yourself. It is just a must and after talking to my adventure loving car rental friends at Turo, I was inspired. Summer is right around the corner and I have a couple of road trips organised so I wanted to share my top ten favourite songs that I listen to whilst driving and also my travel tips!

Top Ten Favourite Songs:

1. Life is a highway - Rascal Flats 
Yes, this is song if from the Disney movie Cars. Don't judge, just listen!

You need some Kendrick in the playlist for sure.

I have made so many memories with this song in mind and I have so many more to make.

What playlist is complete without a bit of macklemore, hmm?

5. Runaway with me - Carly Rae Jepsen
This song means so much to me so of course it had to be added.

6. Headlights - Robin Schulz
Memories made, so many more to make

7. Chocolate - The 1975
I literally do not even feel the need to explain why this song is in the playlist. It is just needed.

8. The girl - Hellberg
You always need a chilled out song to belt out! Plus this one even features Aberdeen!

9. Resonance - LuvBug
I've road tripped to this song before and it is just so chilled and mellow. 

and last but not means least 10. Home we'll go - Steve Aoki & Walk Off The Earth
The perfect way to end the trip.

So that is my top ten road trip songs, let's get onto the travel tips!

- Make plans, but nothing solid. Leave room for change

- Pack light so you can collect things on the way. Leave space for memories!

- Be prepared for all weathers! Listen to your mum, pack that coat

- Get your hands on a car USB adaptor, it will save your phone!

- Pack a disposable camera. Yes, they may be outdated but I feel like they are more special than a photo from your phone.

I really do hope you liked this post, it was great to work with Turo on this post so to all my american view go over their site and get organising that road trip you have been trying to plan but never followed through with!

Q: Where is one place you would road trip if you got the chance? 

I am having a channel relaunch at the end of this month, so this will be my last post until then! However you can follow me on twitter and Insta @kaykaybo123 to keep up to date with me! 

See you in July my lovelies, Katherine xo

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