A little bit of organisation can never go wrong.

With the relaunch of my blog I thought it only fitting that my wardrobe was updated as well. So five bags of clothes later this is what I was left with and I have got to be honest, I love my wardrobe so much more now.

I decided I needed to have somewhere that I could store my important and most used items so I bought a set of hooks that go over your door and I hung my caps, keys, sunglasses and my robe and my life feels so much more organised than before!

My clothes are now organised in colours and then each colour is organised into sections, from coats - trousers - tops etc. I also organised my handbags, large to mini, on my top shelf with my pom pom keyrings and bandanas in bags and my most worn earrings.

My fancier shoes are stored in shoe boxes and the rest are sitting at my door. I have so much more space in my wardrobe from doing this.

Now that I can actually see my clothes I will choose, either weekly or monthly, my favourite piece in my wardrobe be that a handbag, top or jeans so give my facebook page a like to see what I am loving this week!

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 Katherine Elizabeth x 

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