Usually, when I venture into Zara I can never navigate my way around the store that well and end up leaving stressed and disappointed. However my wonderful best friend came home last week after being in Australia for six months and as she is the queen of sales and knows Zara like the back of her hand she took me into my local store and helped me pick out these two staples.

I am a lover of t shirts, if I could wear them for every occasion I would, period. So of course when I saw this lil black gem I knew it would feel right at home in my closet. I prefer basic tees over graphic or busy ones so this one is perfect for me. It is black ( the colour of my soul) and is looser and lighter than other tees that I have. At the bargain price of £5.99 my wardrobe was screaming at me to grab it!

As you all know I have a strong love for Bomber Jackets, considering every three photos on my Instagram features my khaki BooHoo bomber. I have also been trying to put a bit of colour into my wardrobe as well so I knew this bomber would help me greatly with its pops of teal, gold and nude pink. I have seen so many stores with bomber jackets in this style but they have either been out of my price range or too thin - Bombers should be thick and heavy duty in my opinion, but this one had a stiffness to it and was a steal of ... *drum roll*... £19.99. I want to show off this jacket properly in its own post so keep an eye out in the next few weeks for that! 

I hope you like this post and of course the clothes!

Katherine Elizabeth

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  1. Zara jacket = > ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!


  2. Awesome post! Hahaha you have a black soul??? I won't disagree! Xx

  3. I think we share that passion for shopping at Zara (and potentially off-shoulder blue tops). The bomber look amazing, and I can't wait to see more pics of you wearing it! :) x
    Margaux ∙