Good evening all! Today I wanted to share what I eat on a day to day basis, now this can change, obviously, but this is what I tend to eat on days I don't have college or work and I am just chilling in my apartment.

Wake Up.

Since it is starting to get colder I like to start the day off with some sort of Herbal Tea, as well as a big ol' glass of water. Today I went for a Qi White and Spicy Tea. I love white tea anyway but this just tastes like christmas in a cup, which is never a bad thing! I always feel so refreshed after a morning cuppa!


For breakfast I tend to stay away from breads and heavier foods, purely just because I don't like feeling weighed down so early in the morning. So if I have time to spare in I will normally make a bowl of yoghurt and granola. This morning I went for raspberry yoghurt from Rachel's with a selection of fresh berries and topped it off with my absolute favourite granola, Dorset Cereals - Simply Oat Granola. Special shout out to them for having a granola without nuts that I can actually eat without puffing up!


Lunch can vary from salads to sushi, today I went for a salmon and cream cheese bagel from Bagels & Stuff which blew my mind, like oh my god. I had heard many good things about this little shop but never actually been in. 10/10 would go again.


It's time for carbs! Since I go for walks most evenings I never feel bad about loading up on more carb filled foods. For dinner I made a stir fry with veggies, bean sprouts, chicken, noodles and cream cheese with a side of spinach. I have been loving stir frys lately, they are so easy and quick to make plus they taste amazing. Win, win! 

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was so fun writing something a little different!

Q: What is your cozy autumn meal? 

Katherine Elizabeth

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  1. I love reading "What I eat in a day" posts and have thought about doing my own but some days I eat a lot of crap and think I can't put that on :D Stir fries are so quick and easy, love them with some cashew nuts too :) xx

  2. When I read posts like this, it makes me analyse my own eating habits. Then I realise... I have a horrendous eating habit! haha. Great post though. Thank you for sharing.