Apologises for the hiatus, college and general life had to be prioritised over the last month. 
After two trips back and forth to Dundee I had a tiny splurge. Everything's a splurge right now as I'm trying to save, ugh the joys! 

Something I haven't really touched upon recently is that I have applied for to carry on my studies in Textiles and Fashion at University. I do have an unconditional for a course in Edinburgh but I still have a butt load of decisions to make before I confirm anything. With that, the opportunity of me moving cities is something that seems more of a reality than a dream so I don't want to expand on the amount of "stuff" I own as I will more than likely be moving into student accommodation. So with that all said let me actually tell you about the little things I picked up!


T I G E R. 

Striped Mat/Rug? - £3
I bought this to sit some of my shoes on as cream carpets and dirty shoes do not mix!

Smart Phone Tripod - £3
Again, something that you might not know about me is that I have tried vlogging before. Very awkwardly but I tried! I wanted to give it another shot so keep an eye out on my Instgram and Twitter

N E W. L O O K.

Navy Creepers - £22.99
Eeee, I never thought I'd be a fan of these shoes but I think these are subtle because the sole isn't huge.

N Y X.

Liquid Suede Lipstick in Jet Set - £6.50
Katherine, wearing blue lipstick? who am I? As soon as I saw this colour I knew I needed it in my collection.

P R I M A R K. 

Sunglasses - £1
I don't even feel like I need to explain this purchase. It was a £1 and they are gorgeous, like whaaa?


So thats a wrap! I have some posts planned that I will be putting into action this weekend so keep your eyes peeled! 

- Katherine Elizabeth 

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